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For creative and successful packaging, every means is right for us. Whether magnet, velcro, glue, scent or sound. More information


Can the packaging increase the anticipation of the actual product? Does opening become a unique or repeatable experience?

FIXUM provides creative solutions for packaging and connections.


What does the customer expect from his packaging? What technical requirements must the producer take into account? Can the packaging solution be improved?

FIXUM offers many years of know-how in the packaging industry.


FIXUM offers a unique combination. Goal-oriented creativity and technical understanding guarantee solutions. As a result, the creative technologists take care of the special packaging solution.

FIXUM provides opening experiences and connections.

The right packaging

How do good things basically get even better? And how can the customer be inspired accordingly? What can be considered and what is therefore necessary for the packaging?

It is not uncommon to find unconventional packaging solutions. After all, they guarantee attention. So the FIXUM closure can possibly also offer an opening experience. In any case, a magnet can also become a trademark.

The right solution

What are the requirements for a double-sided adhesive tape? Which processing aid is the right one? Or which requirements have to be taken into account in the following production steps?

Technical challenges make FIXUM question the existing. Consequently, products are created that ultimately help our customers. So, by the way, an UFO can make the difference.


The packaging solution

It’s a long way from the idea to the actual packaging. As a result, many things have to mature. Apart from that, repeated treatments are also necessary. Because only through the perfect combination of creativity and technology a solution can be found. A packaging solution that we at FIXUM offer our customers for this reason.

This is how packaging solutions with taste are created. In other words, it creates an opening experience with character.

Fixum News

Because something new always happens at the same time, we want to report here. Therefore, there are always news in this sense. Or interesting facts about packaging. Or about the packaging solution.

With this in mind, we hope you enjoy reading. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please come back again.

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