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Smoke detector

Smoke detectors are mandatory in Germany. This applies to apartments as well as to houses. In the event of a fire, a smoke detector warns with a loud alarm. As a result, dangerous flue gas can be avoided. Smoke detectors therefore save lives. After all, two-thirds of all fire victims are still surprised in their sleep. For optimum protection, the smoke detectors are installed either in all bedrooms or in children’s rooms, as well as in corridors that serve as escape routes.

The introduction in residential buildings has certainly triggered a boom. To put it better: among other things, chimney sweeps have discovered a special line of business here. But also other crafts enterprises use finally the possibility of the additional sales. For the economical assembly however, in addition speed is important. This is why FIXUM has developed a special adhesive solution. After all, this ensures safe installation on almost all substrates. In any case, fast assembly is possible within seconds.

As a supplement and building on the adhesive fastening, a magnetic fastening was also developed afterwards. This allows the detector to be easily removed for maintenance purposes. Provided that FIXUM is used. This allows maintenance work to be carried out conveniently on the ground.


Fire detector WIKI: Fire detectors are technical devices used to trigger an alarm. In the event of a fire, a signal sounds. A distinction is made between automatic and non-automatic fire detectors. As a result, automatic smoke detectors basically count here. The sense of the fire alarm in this sense is warning and waking. Furthermore the initiation of measures to fight the fire as well as the cause of the fire. Moreover the protection of property and persons is important. There may also be a direct connection to the fire brigade.