FIXUM Gummibandfixierung

Rubber band fixation

Rubber bands are often used to seal notebooks and folders. The rubber band fixation must hold securely and it should go quickly. Now you can fasten the rubber band at FIXUM with two adhesive points. But for the complete process you basically need three hands. Because the cover has to be removed at each glue point. And that makes the bottom line process very cumbersome and time-consuming. In addition, the cover of each adhesive point is very small and has to be laboriously sorted out of the finished products. . .

With a specially developed punched part from FIXUM, it is now possible for the customer to put on and cover the rubber band with two hands in one operation. Without letting go, the processor has the cover foil in his hand, controls the process with an adhesive dot and finally has the complete cover in his hand. This can then be disposed of without the risk of ending up in the end product.

Rubber band fixation in our shop.