We are FIXUM.

FIXUM provides the connection. After all, FIXUM stands for innovative packaging and closure solutions. In short, the passion for the high-quality closure, the perfect connection and the unique packaging form the basis for unique innovations. And because sophisticated closures require innovative solutions with attraction and intelligence, we use the possibilities of gluing, velcro and magnet.

We have therefore been committed to the perfect connection since 2004. As a result, our internationally active customers rely on creativity and many years of technological know-how. As creative technologists, we provide the necessary security in medical technology. In the case of stimulants, we pay corresponding attention to the necessary compatibility. Or sometimes also the perfect opening experience. In the case of clothing or leisure articles, the further use of the packaging may also be a great advantage. – All this plays a role in the selection of the right material for the perfect connection to a very special packaging.

Your personal contact

Jens Johannsen


Managing Director and Creative Technologist

What does the customer experience while opening? How can the production process be optimized? And how does it all work?
With comprehensive technical know-how and a great deal of creativity, FIXUM guarantees individual solutions for every packaging and every connection.

Michael Arndt

Michael Arndt

Managing Director and Packaging Professional (DVI)

When does the customer get a return on investment? What advantage can we offer? And how do we achieve win-win-win?

FIXUM offers tailor-made packaging solutions for every requirement. Just like a good wine, the pleasure begins with opening the bottle.

Fixum Magnet Lösung

Magnet technology

The opening experience with attraction: expressing the harmony of a product with its packaging is our motivation and goal. And finally, a clever mechanism enhances the overall effect of the brand with a gentle ‘click’.

The Technology

Functionally, the forces to be absorbed usually play a role here in the form of tensile or shear loads. Depending on the force, the appropriate solution must be adapted to the application. It is always possible to use a magnet-magnet or a magnet-metal combination. Strong adhesive neodymium magnets as well as magnetic tapes and magnetic foils are available for this purpose.

The application

Creatively applied, the most diverse effects can basically be achieved. From functional folder or box closures to lifting mechanisms, automatic openings and finishing forms. As a result, it will be difficult for product pirates to copy.

Adhesive technology

Adhesive solutions to the point: As different as the materials are, so are the possibilities to bond them. This enables us to offer you competent advice across all product ranges.

Fixum Klebe Lösung

The technology

The product variants include various adhesive systems such as dispersion acrylate, solvent acrylate, polymer acrylate, natural rubber, rubber hot melts and various others. These can be coated without a carrier or on different carrier materials – for example paper fleece, film, fabric, PE foam, etc.

The application

For the appropriate selection, materials and adhesive surfaces are first considered. The performance is then evaluated using the forces that occur (shear, tensile, peel or gap loads) and influences (temperature, humidity, oxygen, UV light, chemical substances). Direct or indirect contact with food is therefore a very sensitive issue in the packaging sector.

Fixum Klett Lösung

Velcro technology

Velcro solutions with brains: Velcro is reliable and practical to use, haptically unique and durable. It doesn’t always have to be the high-performance, but thick hook and loop products. As a result, special products require special hook and loop fasteners – sometimes particularly thin, sometimes particularly shear-resistant and sometimes only reacting to pressure.

The technology

We all got to know the functionality of the velcro fastener before the tying our shoes. Functional and indestructible, the classic hook-and-loop fastener performs over 10,000 opening cycles and still has 50% of its original strength.

The application

The velcro fastener becomes really exciting when you miniaturize it. In the case of folding box production, it can even be dispensable. Automated via label dispensers, the thin micro velcro can be applied in large quantities via labellers.

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