Raffaello Verpackungsverschluss

How does summer become endless? – with Raffaelo

For an Eastern European market a very special packaging was launched. Thus Raffaello pralines presented themselves in a special outfit for Valentine’s Day. In addition to the size of the packaging, opening played an important role. The value of the recipient should already be recognizable in the packaging. Accordingly, an invisible magnetic closure was integrated. Both flaps were thus fixed in the middle. When the box is opened, the entire content of the box spreads out in front of the person receiving the gift.


The basis was the open hollow frame box. With two wings it should be possible to open and close it in the future. The solution was a high-quality magnetic closure. This was invisibly incorporated into the doubled flaps.

The magnetic lock is realized by a metal plate in combination with a FIXUM UFO-Magnet®. Due to the high adhesive force of the UFO-Magnet® through iron back closure, the individual components could be designed very thin.