Gizeh Verpackungsverschluss

How do you turn around sales?

How does Gizeh stand out from the competition? The aim was to create a new type of packaging that would ultimately strengthen the market position of the traditional brand. In addition, the functionality had to be optimised so that the papers could be removed easily and undamaged right down to the last. Thanks to the magnetic closure, the Gizeh box remains dimensionally stable and functional even when the contents are running low.



In addition to the advantages for the Gizeh brand and its customers, the design had to meet the requirement that the new packaging could also be filled on existing machines. In order to be able to apply the opening force of the magnetic closure without damaging the flap, the flap was doubled as a result. Consequently, the magnet is placed openly in a cut-out in the inside area.

The Gizeh booklet closes with the combination of a strong FIXUM magnet and a flat metal plate. In order to ensure smooth automated production, 100% inspection of the closure components is carried out before delivery. In addition to the opening force, the valuable sound of this packaging is a decisive marketing factor.